[icon-discuss] Re: Possibly silly question

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  • Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 21:08:15 -0500

Hi Patti,

I think that what Marc meant was, what program are you using to try to read the 
files? You should be able 
to read braille or text files with either the word processor or the bookshelf. 
The latter is better for 
books because it saves your place, and the former is better if you need to 
write in the documents. To use the 
bookshelf, put the files in the Books folder, which is in the Library folder on 
the hard drive; 
then open Bookshelf and open them from there.


On Wed, 1 Apr 2009 20:24:34 -0400, Patti Johnson wrote:

>I am still learning the BP so please forgive if  this is not a real bright 
>question, grin!
>I downloaded from
>their text and brf files of the April Guideposts issue.  Neither file would 
>read on the BP.  I thought the BP supported both types of files, at least 
>txt files.
>Should I have done something different to get the files to read correctly, I 
>am using my pacmate Braille display.  Would they have read okay with just 
>the speech? I am a bit confused, thanks.
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