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  • Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 08:17:48 -0700

Dear Listers:
This message is a monthly reminder of your subscription to the Icon
Discussion list
and the rules and expectations there of.  If you wish to unsubscribe
from this list, please send an email to
 with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line.  To post to the list, send
.  When posting to the list, please make sure to send using the email
address with
which you are subscribed.
Rules and expectations.
This list is hosted by LevelStar and its purpose is to provide a forum for
Icon/Braille Plus-related topics and for users to assist each other
with icon/Braille Plus-related tasks.  Several LevelStar and APH staff
to the list and users are often very knowledgeable about how to perform
tasks and
solve problems with Icon/Braille +.  Staff will attempt to correct any
posted to the list, but if you are in doubt about any information you
receive through
the list, you are encouraged to  contact tech support directly.
Specifically, if
it appears you have physical  problems with your unit, you should contact
the appropriate
technical support staff for that unit (LevelStar for Icon and APH for
Braille +).
Please stay on topic.  While the mention of other products is permitted for
the purposes
of discussion and comparison, this is not a discussion list for
those products.  We welcome discussion of products that may serve as
valuable accessories
for the PDA, however, we ask that you limit your discussion to
their relevance to Icon/Braille +.
Neither profane language nor flaming of persons or companies is permitted.
keep your posts courteous, clean, and respectful.
Please keep your messages relevant to the subject line.  If you wish to
a new topic into the discussion, please change the subject line to reflect
For the purposes of keeping traffic at a minimum, we ask that users please
from replying to a list message simply to say "Thank you" or something
similar.  We appreciate very much the polite sentiment, however such things
greatly to the trafic of the list yet contribute little to the content.
Let us assume that all users appreciate any assistance given them by other
list members.
We also ask that, before replying to a message, users read ahead to make
sure the
message has not already been responded to with the same information you
intend to give.  This will reduce the redundancy of list posts.  In
addition, if
your reply would benefit only the list poster and would contribute little
to general list discussion, please reply to the poster off list.
We thank you for your attention and look forward to your contributions to
the list.
The list moderators

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