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Those are the source code files for the game.  I've updated the site
with the correct installation files, so all you need to do is download
the ipk file and run it from the file browser.  Unfortunately our
internet connection for our server is currently down, but as soon as it
is back up you will be able to download the program and install it.


>>> billmyster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 04/08/07 09:44PM >>>
I downloaded it about two weeks ago.  I was able to unzip the files and
has about 8 programs files but I don't see a readme or install
Miami Beach, FL

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> How recently? I can't seem to access the site.
> As for installing I would think you could use the console for that.
> You would have to unzip it and run the install commands Marc should
> able to answer better than me as he knows the hardware. I only know
> Ubuntu Linux. I really need to get oralux on CD and learn speakup. I
> am also going to study python. My agency is going to be getting a
> Braille Plus so I need to study ahead of time to learn all I can.
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> On 4/8/07, William Rivera <billmyster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi, I recently downloaded an archived program from the
>> site
>> called "sudoku.tar.bz2" but I am not sure how to install it on the
>> unit.  Does anyone have any ideas.
>> thanks,
>> Bill
>> Miami, FL

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