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Hi, I have a music question. I have several cd's on my icon that are cd's that someone burned for me. This means that they do not have artist and title info. So, I have a folder that says "Unknown artists. Whne I play songs in that folder I get them all. It is one continuous album. I don't want it to be this way. I would like the albums to identify and be able to be play separately if I choose. Say I want to hear "No Doubt's Greatest Hits," I would have to press forward until I hear one of the songs then forward again and so on. How can I separate these albums? ----- Original Message ----- From: "stacey robinson" <staceyr75@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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Hi all,
You can't put the audio files in the music folder in another folder and find them. At least I could not I had to flaten the directory and then I created a playlist so the files would play.
I think I have done this before.
You have to look under songs.
I think th media really should handle files differetly. Maybe there c ould be a folder for mp3 books, and one for digital talking books.
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