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Thanks Robert, I have followed your advice and emailed Zychem.



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Hello Janet and list:


     I suggest you talk to the manufacturer of the capsule paper you
intend to use. The thing that makes capsule paper work is CARBON based
ink or toner. The carbon content is very important since it is the
carbon that absorbs the heat activating the swell paper. Hope this



Robert Jaquiss


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        I wondered if anyone has had experience of printing onto swell
(capsule) paper with a fast laser colour printer. We are thinking of
buying one for large print production and were hoping to choose a model
which could also be used for printing tactile diagrams on swell paper.
The issues seem to be the ink type, the printing temperature and the
paper path. I had a look at
http://www.tactilegraphics.org/capsulepaper.html which has a useful list
of ink cartridges but I suspect those are for ink jets rather than
lasers. If anyone has done swell paper printing with a colour laser then
we would be grateful for any advice or recommendations.  



        Janet Reynolds, RNZFB

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