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  • From: Joe Sullivan <joe@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: icebexec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, icebrl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,icebtac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, uebc2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, uebc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,uebc5@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, uebc6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, uebcproj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 14:16:09 -0400

Dear subscribers to the ICEB & UEBC lists,

As previously discussed, we have moved this list to freelists.org. (If you 
are on more than one ICEB / UEBC list, you'll receive this same message 
more than once.)

The new list is up and running, and your receipt of this message confirms 
that you are already subscribed.

Please note that the posting addresses for these lists has changed as follows:

OLD               -> NEW

icebexec@xxxxxxxx -> icebexec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
icebrl@xxxxxxxx   -> icebrl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
icebtac@xxxxxxxx  -> icebtac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
ubc2@xxxxxxxx     -> uebc2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
ubc3@xxxxxxxx     -> (discontinued)
ubc4@xxxxxxxx     -> uebc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
ubc5@xxxxxxxx     -> uebc5@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
ubc6@xxxxxxxx     -> uebc6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
ubcproj@xxxxxxxx  -> uebcproj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unsubscribes and other subscription changes are easily accomplished at any 
time; see the "footer" below (which will be appended to every message).

Joe Sullivan

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* This message is via list icebtac at freelists.org.
* To unsubscribe, send a blank message with
*   unsubscribe
* as the subject to <icebtac-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>. You may also
* subscribe, unsubscribe, and set vacation mode and other subscription
* options by visiting http://www.freelists.org.  The list archive
* is also located there.
* The International Council on English Braille (ICEB) web site is
*   http://www.iceb.org
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