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I've learned a bit more about SQUID from the folks at the American Printing
House for the Blind. Here the additional info.

SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine: Issue 1
"A Recreational Approach to Tactile Literacy"

SQUID: Tactile Activities Magazine is intended to be deceptively fun-that
is, while your child or student enjoys solving a variety of activities in
each SQUID issue, he will actually (secretively-Shhh!) build and acquire
skills that will enable him to become a more proficient tactile reader.
Intended for children ages 5 and older, these puzzles, games, and
brainteasers will foster the following:
*       texture discrimination,
*       systematic searching skills,
*       shape identification,
*       tracking various line paths,
*       pattern building and recognition,
*       and an understanding of symbols

This Premier Issue of SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine (as well as each
future issue) includes the following items:
*       Large Print/Braille Activity Booklet with 
        -- a Parent Letter (overview of magazine's purpose), 
        -- SQUID Tips (extended uses for the activities), 
        -- Tackle Box (suggested tools and materials), 
        -- full-color print counterparts for each tactile activity,and  --
*       Tactile Activity Packet with an assortment of 3-hole punched tactile
activities (for inclusion into your own binder). The activities are produced
in a variety of tactile methods (e.g., embossed paper, thermoform, and
raised ink) and include such activities as: 
        -- connect the dots, 
        -- tactile mazes, 
        -- pattern-completing puzzles, 
        -- counting/math tasks, 
        -- coloring pages, 
        -- word searches, 
        -- word play, 
        -- brainteasers, 
        -- break the code, and 
        -- interactive games.

Note: Many of the tactile puzzles are reusable and are intended to grow with
the child as she acquires new skills and tactile understanding.

Look forward to future announcements of new SQUID issues at www.aph.org and
in updated APH catalogs.

SQUID, Issue 1: 1-08862-01 -- $45.00

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