[icebtac] Re: Happy New Year: Is this group still alive?

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Hello fellow Braille supporters


I am a Canadian business owner who has been involved in Braille production
since 1992. Since then our patented process for Braille on polycarbonate
clear plastic has provided Braille on many ATM machines across North
America. (Canadian patent # 2,379,707) (US patent # 7,246,749 B2)

Recently our company has developed tactile symbols on polycarbonate
materials for the banking and ATM market. 

I believe that Tactile is the New Braille. It communicates in all languages
with no translation.


As many of us do, I am proposing a New Years resolution to start a Canadian

I will call it "Tactile Pictograms" for the ATM machine. 

This is not new. There exists the Audio Jack symbol today. This raised
Tactile/Picto is universal for all ATM as of the ADA compliance rulings in
the USA. 

I wish to add more Tactile Pictograms on the ATM for the disabled ATM users.
These new symbols would be placed at or near each of the ATM functions. 

The audio guidance system would be updated to reference the tactile symbols
and ultimately help navigate the disabled person through the various steps
of an ATM transaction. 


I hope to present this to CSA and CNIB very soon.


Is this type of initiative of interest to this group?

Your comments would be appreciated.



Robert Rumble 


Robert Rumble Productions Inc.

www.atmbrandingsolutions.com <http://www.atmbrandingsolutions.com/> 





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Greetings! Good to hear from you Sarah. Discussing the BANA/CBA guidelines
and how they are being used is a great idea. So far, the .html version is
available on the BANA website  www.brailleauthority.org/tg with a printable
.pdf version coming within the next couple of months. American Printing
House for the Blind is producing hard copy print, a braille version, and the
supplement of examples. As soon as the additional resources are available
I'll be sure to post to this list. 

Perhaps you can give us an update on ImageShare?

Lucia Hasty
Rocky Mountain Braille Associates
1215 La Paloma Way
Colorado Springs CO 80905

On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 3:19 AM, Morley Wilkins, Sarah
<Sarah.MorleyWilkins@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Robert,  and Happy New Year to everyone.

Congratulations on your new post at NFB.

Since the BANA/CBA tactile graphics guidelines were published last year,
I wonder how you're all getting on with using them in practice? Perhaps
we could use this list to share experiences?

I'm planning to organise a UK review of the BANA/CBA Tactile Graphics
Guidelines this year to see if we can adopt them in the UK, and to
identify how much (if any) localisation work would need to happen for
them to work for us.

Look forward to hearing when the tactile graphics volumes are available.

Best wishes to all,

Dr. Sarah Morley Wilkins
Principal Manager, RNIB Centre for Accessible Information (CAI),
RNIB, 58-72 John Bright Street,
Birmingham B1 1BN, UK.

+44 (0)121 <tel:%2B44%20%280%29121%20665%204252>  665 4252

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Hello colleagues:

    I thought I would write wishing everyone a Happy New year and see
if this list was still alive.
FYI: I am now an Access Technology Specialist working at the National
Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute.
My work email is: rjaquiss@xxxxxxx
My work phone is: +1-410-659-9314, Ext.2422
<tel:%2B1-410-659-9314%2C%20Ext.2422> .

Have a great day.


Robert Jaquiss

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