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Warren Figueiredo
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American Foundation for the Blind National Literacy Center
Techniques for Creating and Instructing with
Tactile Graphics
February 10-12, 2005
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Lucia Hasty, Chair, BANA Tactile Graphics Technical Committee, and
Ike Presley, National Program Associate, AFB National Literacy Center.

Do you want to know about the latest trends and techniques for producing
tactile graphics? Would you like to share your knowledge with others?

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) National Literacy Center is
sponsoring a two-and-a-half day workshop entitled, "Techniques for
Creating and Instructing with Tactile Graphics." This workshop is
designed for teachers of adults or youths who are blind or visually
impaired, braille transcribers, and other service providers producing
tactile graphics. The workshop is limited to 25 participants.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn strategies for
determining the form and content of a tactile graphic and gain hands-on
experience with various methods of producing tactile graphics including
collage/foil, capsule paper, computer generated files and various
combinations of these methods. Additional demonstrations and resources
will be provided with special emphasis on determining when and if a
tactile graphic should be used, and which methods are best for specific
types of graphically represented information.

Participants will receive an instructional guide and a copy of Polly
Edman's book, Tactile Graphics. There is no charge for the workshop.
Participants are eligible for a $500 stipend-part at completion of the
workshop and the rest after the follow-up training. The follow-up
assignment requires each participant to conduct a 2-3 hour training with
at least five service providers, covering some of the techniques and
strategies from the workshop. (Proof of completion of the follow-up
activity will include an outline of instruction with objectives, a list
of trainees, and assessment of outcomes.)

Applications for the workshop must be received by Friday, January 7,
2005. Accepted applicants will be notified during the week of January
10, 2005.

If you can not open the attached file and would like to request an
application please contact; Shirley Landrum, American Foundation for the
Blind, National Literacy Center, at slandrum@xxxxxxx, or 404-525-2303.

It is imperative that you include your social security number and your
signature when filling out the application. Your supervisor must also
sign the application, indicating that he or she will support you in
conducting the follow-up training. You may return the application via
e-mail or fax, but you must also send in the hard copy so we will have
the signatures.

If you have any questions about the workshop content, contact Ike
Presley at presley@xxxxxxx

Ike Presley
American Foundation for the Blind
National Literacy Center
100 Peachtree St., Suite 620
Atlanta, GA 30303
FAX: 404-659-6957
Please visit our website: www.afb.org

The American Foundation for the Blind -- the organization to which Helen
Keller devoted over 40 years of her life -- is a national nonprofit
whose mission is to eliminate the inequities faced by the 10 million
Americans who are blind or visually impaired.

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