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Here is an interesting post from the Accessible Image list. I will post a reply to both lists.


Robert Jaquiss

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I used to teach Ukrainian Easter Egg decoration, which is in essence batik on eggs. One draws on eggs with melted beeswax with a special tool. The resulting wax lines are raised. I got to thinking that this technique could be used for tactile graphics. So I tried it out. It seems to work OK. I drew on a small printed map. The resulting lines are pretty distinct. One benefit from doing this is that the lines harden quickly. This could be useful if one to make a quick tactile. Since the lines are thin you can use existing maps.
Then I found that if I wax over a sewing thread on the paper I get an even more distinct line. Then I put a little melted beeswax on thread and got a sort of wikkistix but thinner.
This is not meant as a substitution for svell paper and embossers but as an idea of what can be done.
Cheap, quick and can use existing pictures. Doesn't require a PC. Low tech.

I used the very fine kitska, drawing tools used with Ukrainian Easter Eggs but imagine batik would also have similarly thin ones.

I'll be working more with this idea. If anyone is interested in exchanging ideas, experiences about it drop me a line.

(if you're going to work with wax remember to never melt wax in a pan directly on the heat, use a water bath- added this just in case)


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