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I have seen much activity on this list for a while. I am forwarding a posting from Lisa Yayla. I thought the last item on the tactile graphics conference was most interesting.


Robert Jaquiss

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Two articles from the British Journal of Visual Impairment vol 22 number 2
2004 which our excellent librarian brought to my attention.
If I remember rightly - tactile illustrations enable greater access to
by Jackie Norman
Very good article. I believe she has written an earlier article printed
in RNIBs Visability about the need for tactile books

and a book review of Touching for Knowing. Cognitive Psychology of Haptic
Manual Perception by Y. Hatwll, Arlette Streri and Edouard Gentaz (eds.)
publ. John Benjamins Publ. Co.,   ISBN 9 02725 186 X  review written by
Mike McLinden

and reminder for those interested in
Tactile Graphics 2005  The third international conference on tactile
diagrams maps and pictures.
to register their interest. Was at the last one. Was excellent!



Lisa Yayla
Huseby Kompetansesenter
Oslo Norway

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