[icebtac] Change to closed list as anti-spam measure

  • From: Joe Sullivan <joe@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: icebexec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, icebrl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,icebtac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, uebc2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, uebc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,uebc5@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, uebc6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, uebcproj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2002 20:17:52 -0500

Dear Listers,

Spam was received yesterday, apparently from <sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (web site www.britishsmokers.net), on three of the ICEB lists that I maintain on this server -- namely icebexec, icebrl, and icebtac. I have reported this offense to SpamCop (www.spamcop.net) and deleted the messages from the affected lists' archives. I doubt we'll hear from that source again, but the fact that this is the second recent spam incident has forced me to change the status of this list from "open" to "closed". That should inhibit future spam, but unfortunately it means that everyone on the list will have to be careful to post only from the address that appears on the list itself. That may be inconvenient for people who have several email addresses or who need to use some other address temporarily. In those cases, please note that it is possible to sign onto a list under several addresses, yet receive messages on only one of them by setting all others to "vacation" mode. You can do this, and also control your main address and presence on this list in certain other respects, by visiting http://www.freelists.org.

Joe Sullivan, List Administrator

(Note: cross-posted to all ICEB lists)

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