[ibis] IBIS 6.1 ratified

  • From: Mike LaBonte <mlabonte@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 16:07:51 -0400 (EDT)


The IBIS Open Forum is pleased to announce the ratification of the IBIS
6.1 specification <http://www.eda.org/ibis/ver6.1/ver6_1.pdf> today. This
update changes IBIS in ways that make the models easier to use and more
capable, including improved accuracy at high speeds and the ability to
model SerDes using PAM4 modulation. The following BIRDs
<http://www.eda.org/ibis/birds/> (Buffer Issue Resolution Documents) are
incorporated into the new specification:

BIRD155.2 New AMI API to Resolve Dependent Model Parameter

BIRD167.1 Table Corrections for Tx Jitter Parameters and Ignore_Bits

BIRD168.1 Handling of Overclocking Caused by Delay in Waveform Tables

BIRD169.1 DLL Dependency Checking

BIRD170 Delete Extra Paragraph for Ports under [External Circuit]

BIRD171.3 Clarify that Empty Root Name is Not Permitted in AMI Files

BIRD172.2 Extend Multilingual Parameter and Converter Parameter Rules

BIRD173.3 Package RLC Matrix Diagonals

BIRD174.1 Quote Character Clarifications

BIRD175.3 Extending IBIS-AMI for PAM4 Analysis

BIRD176 Power Pin Package Modeling

BIRD177 [Initial Delay] keyword for Submodels and Driver Schedules

BIRD178.3 Specifying Buffer Directionality for AMI

The IBISCHK6.1.0 parser program is expected to become available in
October, along with updated parser source code for those who have
purchased an IBISCHK6 source code license. Many thanks to the IBIS
Editorial Task Group for their diligent work to produce a quality
specification, and to the authors of the BIRDs.


Mike LaBonte

Chair, IBIS Open Forum

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