[ibis-quality] Minutes from the 15 Nov 2011 ibis-quality (non)meeting

  • From: Mike LaBonte <mike@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 09:33:36 -0500

For some reason we decided not to cancel the ibis-quality meeting for
Nov 15, despite the concurrent IBIS summit activities. We did fail to
meet quorum, however (it was just me). Minutes are attached anyway,
just to note what didn't happen.

Minutes, IBIS Quality Committee

15 November 2011

11:00-12:00 EST (08:00-09:00 PST)


Cisco Systems:                  Tony Penaloza
Ericsson:                       Anders Ekholm
Green Streak Programs:          Lynne Green
Huawei Technologies:            Guan Tao
IBM:                            Bruce Archambeault
                                Greg Edlund
IOMethodology:                  Lance Wang
Mentor Graphics:                John Angulo
Micron Technology:              Moshiul Haque,
                                Randy Wolff
Nokia Siemens Networks:         Eckhard Lenski
QLogic Corp.:                   James Zhou
Signal Consulting Group:        Tim Coyle
Signal Integrity Software     * Mike LaBonte
Teraspeed Consulting Group:     Bob Ross
Texas Instruments:              Pavani Jella

Everyone in attendance marked by *

NOTE: "AR" = Action Required.

-----------------------MINUTES ---------------------------
Mike LaBonte conducted the meeting.

Call for opens and IBIS related patent disclosures:

- Quorum failure: meeting ended without discussion.

AR Review:

- None

New items:

- None

Next meetings:
- Next meetings Nov 29 and Dec 06

Nov 29 agenda:
- Continued IBIS-AMI checklist review

Meeting ended at 12:18 Eastern Time.

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