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Hello Anders,
it looks like you are right.   We have forgotten to specify a tolerance or a 
I am  not sure if this was done intentially.
But for the reasons you  mention, I would suggest a tolerance value   of 10uA.
first, this is the value  stated in most datasheets,   
and second, we will asure, that for internal pullup or internal pulldown 
current, which is normaly greater than 20uA,
the current is at least twice above our tolerance value for zero.
( although  this leakage current should be in the clamp curves, if any )
It is a little bit difficult to explain:
in  other words : 
 tolerance value 10uA
- because it is  a typical data sheet value for max. leakage currents
- because it is at least twice the value for some internal pullup-pulldown 

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Sections 5.3.8 & 5.2.9 [Pulldown] and [Pullup] IV tables pass through zero/zero
In the text it says that typ. Min,max should all pass through approximately 0mA 
at the 0 Volt point.
But we did not specify what we mean by approximately, maybe we should have ?
5%, 1%, 0.1%, 0.01% of which current ? The average current step in the table ? 
The minimum current step in the table?
Maybe that's why we did not specify it, because it was unclear what to relate 
it too.
It does seem a bit imprecise as it is and if anyone is trying to automate a 
quality checker, they will have to make a decision and since it is not 
specified in the
Quality spec different quality checkers will make different decisions on what 
approximately means.
Any comments?
Best /Anders


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