[ibis-macro] minutes from 2 aug 2005 phone call

  • From: "Mike LaBonte (milabont)" <milabont@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ibis-macro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 16:59:30 -0400

Minutes from 2 aug 2005 ibis-macro phone call are attached.

Note that we have the ongoing AR to read the Verilog-AMS LRM:

meeting date: 2 aug 2005
attending: Arpad Muranyi, Ken Willis, Mike LaBonte, Barry Katz, Todd Westerhoff

AR Review:
- AR: Ken will send some Cadence macros
  Done, uploaded to website.
- AR: Mike will change email list so that reply is to sender
- AR: All look into http://accellera.org
  Wrong! We were supposed to read the LRM. See AR below.

Letter responses
- Fred Balistreri and Ian Dodd added to reflector.
  Andrew Ingraham added himself.
- C.K. Kumar no longer at Synopsys, Geoffrey Ying named.

AR: Arpad will send letter to Geoffrey Ying @ synopsys

LRM discussion
- Arpad has had continued discussions with Verilog-AMS discussion group.
- Verilog-AMS reflector members may not understand how much variation
  there is among SPICE implementations.
- Is there an archive of these discussions?

AR: Arpad will send reflector info
AR: All read verilog-AMS LRM:

Plan for DesignCon:
- 4 phone calls left
- Make enough library elements to implement pre-emphasis buffer
- Demonstrate it in AMS
- Barry can translate AMS example to ISPICE4 (if simple enough)
- Demonstrate it in DML
  - Does Cadence example need cleanup?

Discussion of Cadence pre-emphasis DML model
- Looks "non-standard", do we need all these features?
- Seems like it could be simplified, flattened
- Should use separate IBIS buffers
- Arpad's pre-emphasis example already does this
- Best way to handle C_comp?
  - If set to 0 in 2nd tap, slight error will be introduced.
  - Could set C_comp proportional to each buffer size
  - Best method is to extract each tap separately
- Should we use Ramp-only buffers? Maybe, maybe not.

AR: Arpad will convert his pre-emphasis buffer example to use building blocks
    based on Mike's skeleton library

Next meeting: Tuesday August 9, 2005.

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