[ibis-macro] minutes

  • From: "Mike LaBonte (milabont)" <milabont@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ibis-macro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 17:06:56 -0400

Minutes of the last phone call, sent as a txt file so Barry can archive

meeting date: 26 jul 2005
attending: Arpad Muranyi, Ken Willis, Mike LaBonte, Barry Katz, Todd Westerhoff

AR Review:
- AR: Mike find Silvaco contact
  jk.johnson@xxxxxxxxxxx will locate someone, probably west coast.
- AR: Todd will identify a Synopsys contact
  C. K. Kumar identified, but will take time to get through marketing channels
- AR: Todd and Arpad will complete the letter
  Done, needs one or two more reviews
- AR: Mike will add our emails to ibis-macro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
- AR: Mike will create a zip archive of data files so far and send to Barry
- AR: Barry will create web page
- AR: Ken will get Cadence decision on macro library
  OK, will send some before next phone call

Discussion on Verilog-AMS reflector
- LRM section about SPICE compatibility
  - Proposal is that simulator should understand SPICE syntax
  - Trying to define mappable librray of SPICE-compatible modules
  - RLCs, controlled sources, some transistors
- We need to be proactive if we want to coordinate with them
- Not clear what they are trying to accomplish
  - People will have to rewrite their SPICE decks to make it work
  - Is anyone in charge? Marq Kole?

Review of draft letter
- Minor grammar edits
- List of recipients:
  John Olah john_olah@xxxxxxxxxxx
  ??? @ansoft.com
  Keith Mueller keith@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Fred Balistreri fred@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Dr Yu Liu yu_liu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Ian Dodd ian_dodd@xxxxxxxxxxx
  Sam Chitwood samchitwood@xxxxxxxxxxx
  JK Johnson jk.johnson@xxxxxxxxxxx
  Barry Katz barry.katz@xxxxxxxxxx
  C. K. Kumar C.K.Kumar@xxxxxxxxxxxx

- AR: Ken will send some Cadence macros
- AR: Mike will change email list so that reply is to sender
- AR: All look into http://accellera.org

Next meeting: Tuesday August 2, 2005.

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