[ibis-macro] Re: ibis-macro 01 nov 2005 meeting minutes (resend)

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A few comments on the minutes:

"- extrapolation option:
  - On gives SE
  - Off gives error messages"

This was referring to the $table_model keyword used
in the library, so it should read:

"- extrapolation option in $table_model keyword:
  - On gives SE
  - Off gives error messages"

Fix spelling:

"- Can cut & paste inot model instead of using external"


"- Tlsim is the only implementation"


"- Arpad wants to know is Tlsim the only implementation?"

Also, I think we should have the meeting even if you
can't make it, because we have a lot to talk about.
I hope you will be the only one missing...



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Minutes from 01 nov 2005 meeting attached. ARs due:

AR: Mike fix EQ amp rcvr template
AR: Ian will draft a BIRD for analog-only AMS support in IBIS
AR: Mike add extrapolation warning to module documentation

I will be out next Tuesday, unable to attend. If everyone else decides
to carry on without me, we just need someone to take minutes.

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