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I read your presentation you gave at the Asia IBIS Summits
and I would like to ask you a couple of questions regarding
your "IBIS future enhancement requests" on the "conclusions"
slide (pg. 31).


You are asking for opening the SPICE link in IBIS to other
commercial SPICE simulators, and consequently you are also
asking for the parameter passing capabilities for [External
Model] (and probably [External Circuit] also) which was not
made available in the IBIS specification because Berkeley
SPICE does not have that capability.


1)  The first sentence in Section 2 of the IBIS specification
which is entitled "Statement of Intent" says the following:

| In order to enable an industry standard method to electronically
| IBIS modeling data between semiconductor vendors, EDA tool vendors,
and end
| customers, this template is proposed.  The intention of this template
is to
| specify a consistent format that can be parsed by software, allowing
| tool vendors to derive models compatible with their own products.

In other words, the IBIS specification was intended to provide
a common modeling language for the EDA industry.  Your request
seems to be asking the endorsement of proprietary SPICE languages
in IBIS, which goes in the exact opposite direction of the "IBIS
philosophy" which was to eliminate the need to make zillions of
tool specific models for the same product.  How do you see your
request to be fulfilled?

2)  The very reason the IBIS macro modeling subcommittee spent about
two years to put together the IBIS macro modeling library was to
solve this problem.  We wrote a SPICE compatible library in the *-AMS
languages so that tools which cannot interpret the *-AMS languages
could by substitution use their own native SPICE equivalents.

See pg. 2 in the following presentation:
See pg. 7 in the following presentation:

Everything that you showed in the above presentation could have
been implemented with the IBIS macro modeling library.  Why are
you not making use of this library, and why are you requesting
that features which are already available in IBIS through the
macro library be made available with proprietary SPICE languages
which is what we wanted to avoid with the entire IBIS macro modeling


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