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I think the idea behind BIRD145 is similar to what Michael Mirmak proposed
several years ago, and what Randy Wolf discussed at the DesignCon IBIS
Summit. Both Randy and Michael wanted the ability to add a ladder RC
circuit at the output pad of the buffer. This is a real requirement that
SiSoft has implemented using an IBIS keyword Final_Stage, FinalStageDiff:


Final_Stage <typ|min|max> <ISS file name> <ISS subckt name>


Final_Stage_Diff <typ|min|max> <ISS file name> <ISS subckt name>


These are either a 2 port subckt (Final_Stage) or a 4 port subckt
(Final_Stage_Diff), that is inserted between the pad(s) of the B element
and the pad end(s) of the package).


Would this satisfy your IC Vendor modeling requirements? What other ports
would need to be included in this subckt?




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