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This first table is entirely correct.  In fact, it's elegant - this is a
better way of presenting the options than the way I did.  I (personally)
would tweak the text with yellow highlighting a bit, but there's no effect
on the truth table . and, as it turns out, that's the important point.
Text descriptions always have an element of personal preference in their
wording, while truth tables are unambiguous.  Is that why they call them
"truth tables"? ;-)


I haven't digested the second table yet.  I think the goal of the second
table should be to enumerate the different combinations of TX/RX settings
and provide a description of what the output of a Statistical or
Time-Domain would represent for each case.  As such, I think we should
enumerate all 16 combinations of TX/RX settings and have a single
description field for each case.


Does that make sense?






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Dear AMI experts, 
I cleaned up the spreadsheet with the truth table that we discussed 
in our ATM meeting today.  It looks like this now: 

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)

I hope I got it right this time. 

The next thing I would like to do is to extend this table 
and spell out how these conditions can be applied to Tx 
and Rx independently.  In other words, I don't believe 
that our intent was to require these Booleans to be the 
same for both Tx and Rx.  But how many combinations are 

We have four (4) combinations per buffer, and we have two 
buffers, which could theoretically allow 4^2 = 16 total 
possibilities.  Are they all valid? 

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)



JPEG image

JPEG image

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