[ibis-macro] Query on AMI BIRD

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 11:11:11 +0800

Hi Experts,

I have some difficult in understanding  the AMI BIRD.
1) Most equalization of RX and TX is non-adaptive. Chip vendors don't have any 
adaptation codes to embed into DLL function and the DLL function won't have the 
ability to calculate the optimal equalization coefficients. Then who will be in 
charge of calculating the optimal equalization coefficients, users or 
simulators? Is it possible for simulator to do this kind of work?
2)If the channel is LTS, all simulation will be done by impulse response mode. 
How to consider the jitter effects, especially DCD. According to PNA(Phase 
Noise Amplifier) and experiment, DCD will be amplified by the low-pass channel. 
Direct statistical processing without DCD amplification won't be accurate.

The problem may do not belong to AMI  category and maybe I missed something 
here. I hope some experts could help clarify it. Thanks in advance.


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