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Thank you Mike Steinberger for point out that the Tx Stimulus levels
should be -0.5, -0.1666, 0.1666, 0.5.





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PAM4 (4 level signaling) is now becoming a reality - at least in IEEE
802.3bj. I am enclosing a BIRD that would support PAM4 in IBIS AMI
modeling. The change to the AMI language is trivial - adding a new
Reserved Parameter (Encoding "PAM4") to both Tx and Rx models. I changes
to the flow is limited to Tx AMI_GetWave stimulus having four values -.5,
-.3333333, .3333333, and .5, instead of the current two (-.5 and .5). I
expect the major effort will be in defining how the eye gets generated
from the output of Rx AMI_Init, and how the Rx AMI_GetWave eye gets


I expect that this BIRD should be immediately tabled, and should only be
considered when we more fully describe in IBIS 6.0  the various ways that
the Impulse Response can be generating.




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