[ibis-macro] New BIRD drafts have been posted

  • From: "Muranyi, Arpad" <Arpad_Muranyi@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 20:37:07 +0000

Hello ATM group,

First a reminder that we are not going to have a meeting
tomorrow (November 15, 2011) due to conflicts with the
Asian IBIS Summits.

However, I would like to continue the discussions in email
if possible on the BIRD 140.1 draft and its companion
unnumbered draft on limiting the usage of the [Algorithmic
Model] keyword.  I made a new draft for BIRD 140.1 (draft3)
including Bob's comments from our last meeting.  The other
BIRD draft hasn't been changed since our last meeting, but
this is just a note for those who haven't seen it in the
meeting that it has been posted on the ATM website.

The links to these two BIRD drafts are:




Please take some time to review these and make some effort to
send me comments in email, since the next two meetings are
cancelled and I would like to make some progress in the meantime.


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