[ibis-macro] Model_type BIRD draft

  • From: "Muranyi, Arpad" <Arpad_Muranyi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: IBIS-ATM <ibis-macro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 04:53:47 +0000

Hello everyone,

According to our discussions in the ATM teleconference
today, I started a new BIRD to limit the Model_types
with the [Algorithmic Model] keyword.  Please review the
attached PDF file and send me your comments.  I would
like to encourage email responses in the next few days,
so we could finalize this this in the next ATM teleconference
if possible.  (Remember, the following two meetings are
cancelled, so I would like to make as much progress this
week as possible).

As written, the BIRD is very simple.  However, as I was
writing it, I stumbled on a problem which I would like
to get some feedback on.  The problem is summarized on
section.  I stumbled on it because at first I wanted to
spell out more detailed rules, like only allowing transmitter
algorithmic models in 3-state Model_types, etc..., but when
I got there I realized that I/O buffer types could have
either transmitter or receiver algorithmic models (or both),
yet we don't have a mechanism to select one or the other
depending on the I/O buffer model's mode of operation.

On Bob's (private) suggestion I am side stepping this issue
in this BIRD, since there are workarounds and none of these
problems are show-stoppers.  If the majority wants these
problems to be fixed, I am willing to add more to the BIRD,
but it might get somewhat involved which means not for v5.1...
This simple BIRD could hopefully be pushed through v5.1.

Comments welcome and appreciated.



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