[ibis-macro] Minutes for the 3 Apr 2007 ibis-atm meeting

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  • Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 12:52:48 -0400

Minutes for the 3 Apr 2007 ibis-atm meeting are attached. ARs:

AR: Arpad will review the new macro library files.

IBIS Macromodel Task Group

Meeting date: 03 Apr 2007

Members (asterisk for those attending):
* Ambrish Varma, Cadence Design Systems
* Arpad Muranyi, Intel Corp.
  Barry Katz, SiSoft
* Bob Ross, Teraspeed Consulting Group
  Doug White, Cisco Systems
* Ganesh Narayanaswamy, ST Micro
* Hemant Shah, Cadence Design Systems
  Ian Dodd, Mentor Graphics
  Joe Abler, IBM
* John Angulo, Mentor Graphics
  John Shields, Mentor Graphics
  Ken Willis, Cadence Design Systems
* Kumar, Cadence Design Systems
  Lance Wang, Cadence Design Systems
  Luis Boluna, Cisco
* Michael Mirmak, Intel Corp.
* Mike LaBonte, Cisco Systems
  Mike Steinberger, SiSoft
  Patrick O'Halloran, Tiburon Design Automation
  Paul Fernando, NCSU
* Radek Biernacki, Agilent (EESof)
* Randy Wolff, Micron Technology
  Richard Ward, Texas Instruments
  Sanjeev Gupta, Agilent
  Shangli Wu, Cadence
  Stephen Scearce, Cisco Systems
  Syed Huq, Cisco Systems
  Todd Westerhoff, SiSoft
  Vikas Gupta, Xilinx
  Vuk Borich, Agilent
* Walter Katz, SiSoft

Call for patent disclosure:

No one declared a patent.


- John Angulo reported that Ian Dodd may be unable to participate, and John
  will represent Mentor Graphics.

- Arpad had trouble finding recent presentations on the web site.
  - Mike explained that documents are found in the Work Archive, not
    directly on the web page given in his email.

Review of ARs:

- Mike document VHDL macro library and post to web site
  - Done but not tested.
    - Mike had trouble with HSPICE and has no SMASH license.
    - Arpad suggested using the latest HSPICE.

AR: Arpad will review the new macro library files.

- Arpad: Write parameter passing syntax proposal for a possible BIRD

New Discussion:

- Hemant gave a short presentation
  - EDA vendors met Mar 22 & 29
  - Agilent accidentally not invited to the first, and missed the second.
  - Mar 22 meeting
    - TI & IBM on the same page
      - Want to do time domain processing from GetWave()
      - Satisfied that this protects IP
    - Init() can be omitted when GetWave() present.
  - Mar 29 meeting
    - Discussion of clock PDF
    - Added a parameter and discussed minimum parameter set.
  - Michael Mirmak asked if IP vendors are agreeing with the approach
    - Discussion about the boundary between black box and parametric data.
    - Members are converging on agreement on data "boundary"
    - Baseline acceptable standard.
  - There will be more meetings with EDA vendors
  - Not much progress adding more IP vendors to the discussion.
  - Documentation to help newcomers is not as complete as it should be.

Next meeting: 10 Apr 2007 12:00pm PT

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