[ibis-macro] IBIS-ATM teleconference - Agenda for 6/19/2012

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 15:57:28 +0000

Time:  June 19, 2012  Noon  US Pacific Time

Voice dial-in:    (800) 637-5822
International: +1 (647) 723-3937 <--- (For Canada)
                      0114501530 <--- (For Sweden)
                      0201400572 <--- (For Sweden Toll Free)
                    069509594672 <--- (For Germany)
                     08001014542 <--- (For Germany Toll free)
Access Code:            685-0440

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system to make sure it is compatible with Microsoft Office Live



1) Opens
2) Call for any related patent disclosures
3) Review of ARs:

Arpad & Walter:  Come up with an alternate way to control the 
                 Dependency Table instead of using "Labels"
                 - in progress

Arpad:  Write a new revision of BIRD 117 and 118 to generalize
        references to parameters in files (.ami or any)
        - in progress

Bob:  Propose a simpler way for addressing the needs of parameter
      passing under [External Model] and [External Circuit]
      - not done

Any other AR-s?

Old ARs:

Arpad:  Review the documentation (annotation) in the macro libraries.
        - deferred until a demand arises or we have nothing else to do

4)  ParameterTreeKeyword_BIRD_draft4                          (Arpad)
    - fixed missing parentheses and Description in the example
    - questions/comments/discussion?
    - vote to submit it to the Open Forum?

5)  BIRD 117.4 draft6 and BIRD 118.3 draft5                   (Arpad)
    - fixed missing parentheses and Description in the example
    - questions/comments/discussion?
    - vote to submit them to the Open Forum?

6)  BIRD 116                                         (Arpad & Walter)
    - should the language be called "ISS" or "IBIS-ISS"?
    - questions/comments/discussion?

7)  BIRD 150, dependency table                               (Walter)
    - questions/comments/discussion?

8)  BIRD 125 package modeling                                 (Arpad)
    - questions/comments/discussion?

9)  Info, Out, InOut BIRD                                     (Arpad)
    - latest wording includes "in order to be compliant with this
      specification, Model_Specific parameters ... must not ...",
      and omits the word "simulation" so it's meaning doesn't have
      to be defined
    - questions/comments/discussion?

10) Eye Mask definition                                       (Arpad)
    - Rx_Receiver_Sensitivity is the equivalent of the vertical
      (or voltage) part of an eye mask.  It would make sense to
      define the horizontal (timing) portion of the eye mask also.
    - questions/comments/discussion?

11) What is the purpose of the specification?  Describe the syntax
    and rules of the syntax, or tell the reader how to make models?
    - questions/comments/discussion?

Tabled topics:

    - BIRD 144.3 Direct S-parameters under [External Model]   (Cadence)

    - BIRD 145.2 Cascading [Model] with [External Model]      (Cadence)

    - BIRD 121.1, data management parameters (file support)    (Walter)

Tabled AR-s:

Ambrish update BIRD 145 for pad to pin mapping and other clarifications
  - Need to say what it will not solve
  - tabled



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