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Thanks for your note.  The majority of the time was spent on
talking about the latest flow diagram I put together last week.
I explained all of the pages and why I made the changes to
the drawings (while the resulting equations remained the same).
There were a few comments and questions, but the discussion
was calm and smooth.  There were no disagreements at all, only
minor suggestions for a couple of wording and grammar changes.
The next step is to write up the text version of this flow for
section 2 in the spec, which I am hoping to do for the next
meeting, and I am planning to have a vote on it on the following 
week for submission to the Open Forum.

We spent the last 15 minutes on discussing the ISS spec and
the reasons we didn't submit it last fall to the Open Forum.
I think the general feeling was to focus on finishing the AMI
spec work in the ATM meetings and bring the ISS spec to the
Open Forum meetings.  This will be discussed in the upcoming
Open Forum Teleconference on Friday.


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I apologize for not being at the meeting.  It was unavoidable.  Let me 
know how the meeting went when you have a chance.

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