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Hi Greg,

Aren't you concerned that, given the recent discussion of the over clocking 
problem, #s 1.2 and 1.4a are mutually exclusive, at least, in the case of 
models needing to support high bit rates?


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Dear IBIS Folks,

This is the check list we're using with our internal supply chain people to 
help coordinate models from our suppliers.  I'm sharing this as a starting 
point for discussion about a similar list that the committee might consider 
publishing someday.  Think of this as the AMI addendum to the current IBIS 
Quality Checklist.


Version 1.0
Greg Edlund


1.1 All files distributed in a single archive
1.2 IBIS files pass syntax checker
1.3 Touchstone package model(s) present
1.4 Analog buffer model present
    a. ibs file includes IV curves, VT curves, and C_Comp
    b. package s-parameter file
1.5 RX equalizer training algorithm included in DLL


2.1 List of companies and technical support contacts:
    a. chip developer
    b. serdes circuit designer
    c. model developer
    d. silicon manufacturer
2.2 Software and version used to develop model
2.3 Simulator(s) and version used to test model
2.4 Instructions for use (PDF application note):
    a. type of TX equalization and number of taps
    b. type of RX equalization and number of taps
    c. look-up table of equalizer settings vs. register settings
    d. look-up table of amplitude settings vs. register settings
    e. s-parameter port map


 3.1 Test TX & RX DLLs “IBIS-AMI Evaluation Toolkit”
 3.2 Test model with various simulators through IBIS Open Forum review services
 3.3 Test model on computer without development environment installed
 3.4 Model installation directory independent of execution directory
 3.5 Unrecognized parameters do not cause failure
 3.6 Model returns correct results at any samples-per-bit setting
 3.7 Able to manually override equalizer settings
 3.8 Able to view equalizer tap coefficients after TX and RX training
 3.9 Multiple instances of one model run in one simulation/analysis,
     e.g. crosstalk
3.10 Multiple instances of multiple models run in one simulation/analysis,
     e.g. crosstalk with chips from two or more suppliers
3.11 Support multiple concurrent simulations/analyses (parallel processing)
3.12 No external software required to run simulations,
     e.g. gargantuan run time libraries called by DLL


4.1 Features that affect S11 included in analog model, not algorithmic model
4.2 No double counting of package, e.g. s-parameters and .ibs file
4.3 No double counting of C_Comp, e.g. s-parameters and .ibs file
4.4 S-parameters for test channel distributed with model
4.5 Expected jitter and eye dimensions for test channel
4.6 PHY supports on-chip oscilloscope GUI running on PC
4.7 PHY outputs test pattern with oscilloscope connected (PRBS length = ?)
4.8 Lab report to include:
    a. TX jitter decomposition measurements
    b. RX stressed eye testing
    c. Model-to-hardware correlation
    b. Proof of industry standard compliance
4.9 Demo board to include 2.92 mm connection to TX with 2 in. max wire

Contributions from SiSoft, "Opal(TM):  Best Practices for IBIS-AMI Modeling"

Greg Edlund
Senior Engineer
Signal Integrity and System Timing
IBM Systems & Technology Group
3605 Hwy. 52 N  Bldg 050-3
Rochester, MN 55901

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