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I changed the subject line so we can keep track of the
topics easier.

Interesting concept.  It seems that this wouldn't be too
hard to do, and it could be done by preserving all the
functional rules and descriptions of all the keywords.
We could even attempt to do this with the reformatting
of the IBIS specification itself.  No technical changes,
only format and syntax changes.

I am just trying to understand the big picture better with
the following question.  What is the benefit of doing this?
I know it may be easier to parse it and write a parser for
it, but is there anything else we would gain by doing this?



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Let me bring this concept one step further. As per Kumar's suggestion,
this might be a good time to consider changing the IBIS file to a
parameter tree format.

The following should make this clear as mud:

      (Name <component>)
          (Pin (Number "1") (Signal "DQ0") (Model "DQOUT") 
                  (Package (PMI_File "pkg.pmi") (Params (pkglen .01) (Zo
(Corner 50 45 55))))))
          (Pin (Number "2") (Signal "DQ1") (Model "DQOUT") 
                  (Package (PMI_File "pkg.pmi") (Params (pkglen .01) (Zo
(Corner 50 45 55))))))
                 (Labels diff_pin  inv_pin  vdiff tdelay_typ tdelay_min
                 (                    1                2          0.1
NA                 NA                 NA)
        (Name "DQOUT")
        (Model_type "Output")
        (C_comp (Corner 744.002f 744.002f 744.002f))
        (Vmeas  .25)
        (Vref  0.0)
        (Rref   50)
             (Executable ("Windows_VisualStudio_32"  "dqout.dll"
             (Executable ("Executable Linux_gcc3.2.3_32       "
"dqout.so"   "dqout.ami")  
        (Temperature_Range (Corner 25 100 0))
        (Voltage Range (Corner 1.2  1.2  1.2))
              (-2.50000E+00       -5.00000E-02        -5.00000E-02
              (-0.00000E+00         0.00000E-02         0.00000E-02
              (-2.50000E+00         5.00000E-02         5.00000E-02
              (-2.50000E+00          5.00000E-02         5.00000E-02
              (- 0.00000E+00         0.00000E-02         0.00000E-02
              (-2.50000E+00        -5.00000E-02        -5.00000E-02
        (Ramp (dV/dt_r (Corner .3/60p .3/60p .3/60p))
                      (dV/dt_f  (Corner.3/60p .3/60p .3/60p))
         (GND Clamp
                    (-2.50000E+00         0     0     0)
                    ( 0.00000E+00         0     0     0)
                    ( 2.50000E+00         0     0     0)
        (Power Clamp
                    (-2.50000E+00         0     0     0)
                    ( 0.00000E+00         0     0     0)
                    ( 2.50000E+00         0     0     0)
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