[ibis-macro] Re: How to make tap coefficients Reserved Parameters with Table

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  • Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 14:01:22 -0600


Your argument concerning Model Specific parameters of Usage Info has some merit. Your attempt to extend that argument to parameters of Usage Out and InOut has no logic behind it. It is not a valid argument.

Mike S.

On 12/13/2011 01:57 PM, Muranyi, Arpad wrote:


Regarding the reasons for why you disagree:

I agree with what you say in that paragraph, but

that can be achieved with Usage In Model_Specific

parameters.  I only listed Usage Info, InOut and

Out to be removed...

Think about it this way.  Usage Info is something

that tells the EDA tool what to do.  Since Model_Specific

parameters can be anything any model maker can invent,

how would the tool know what to do if a model says:

(Usage Info)(Format String)("I'm feeling lucky")

The best the tool can do is put this on the screen.

What is the user of the tool going to benefit from

seeing this on the screen?  As you said, they could

read the model's User's Manual to find out the same


The same is true for Model_Specific parameters returned

by the model to the EDA tool with (Usage Out) and

(Usage InOut).  The only thing that is left then is

(Usage In).  I did not say that we should remove that

from the spec, only the rest.




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>The real problem starts when you start acting on these

>specialized meanings, like post processing the raw data to

>generate histograms, probability distribution functions, and

>the like, because in order to know what to do with the data

>you have to know its meaning.


>Like I wrote it before, the meaning of Tap parameters is

>relatively well known, but we have no way of knowing anything

>about the meaning of the rest of the Model_Specific parameters.


>doing much, much more...  The only way I see this issue resolved

>is if we eliminated Model_Specific Info, InOut and Out parameters

>from the spec.  Sorry.

I disagree.

As I see it, the EDA tool functions as a conduit between the model and the user, for parameters of type Model_Specific. That is, the EDA tool provides the necessary GUI interface elements to allow the user to make certain selections, regarding the model's proprietary behavior. How does the user make intelligent decisions, in this regard? Presumably, by reading the User's Guide that came with the model from the silicon vendor.


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