[ibis-macro] FW: some suggestion for AMI proposal

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From: C. Kumar 
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 9:26 AM
To: Lance Wang
Cc: Hemant Shah; Ken Willis; Ray Komow
Subject: RE: [ibis-macro] some suggestion for AMI proposal


lance, can you send this on behalf of me?




Thanx for your comments. I have heard and read about the importance of
dfe error propagation.


This is first version of the spec (AMI) which is confined to basic
filtering of signals. The interface functionally separates the
filtering, from other data processing. So strictly it addresses physical
or virtual modification of a data stream.The data stream is generated
and handed over by the EDA domain, which is then filtered and modified
in the ip domain.


The focus of this current ami interface is to keep it simple yet useful
and evolvable.


While this version of the interface indeed allows for passing unlimited
amount of filter specific parameters,  it does not contain knowledge and
actions pertaining to particular filter types like DFE. e.g. It does not
specifically address issues like error propagation. 


Your suggestions will be most welcome.




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        Subject: [ibis-macro] some suggestion for AMI proposal


        Hi Kumar and all,


        First let me introduce myself. My name is Huang Chunxing and I'm
a backplane engineer from Huawei.


        I have read your AMI proposal to IBIS macro model task group.
It's a great idea to solve that IBIS couldn't handle the DSP algorithm
problems. In the paper, I noticed that AMI also need to meet the
requirement of proprietary post-processing of data. I totally agree


        In my opinion, the error propagation of DFE is very good case
for this. One error bit of DFE will effectively change the error
probability of sequential bits, depending on the DFE taps and
coefficients. If we want to analyse the DFE error propagation effect, we
need to know the coefficients of DFE. But I didn't find any output
params of the defined ami functions related to it, including AMI_init
and AMI_getwave. In order to keep the IBIS with most updated DSP
algorithm, some extra user defined params may be required. I hope you
and group member will consider my suggestion. By the way, I know little
about dll. If my understanding is wrong, I apologize first. Thanks!





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