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I updated the IBIS_interconn_capabilities_131126_1.xlsx spreadsheet to
reflect the decisions we made today, and clarified question 1. below.




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I am including an updated version of the interconnect capabilities
spreadsheet (IBIS_interconn_capabilities_131126.xlsx).


I reorganized a the issues we are discussing, but most importantly added a
new section "IBIS.org Interconnect Shortcomings". This is a list of
industry interconnect requirements interconnect modeling that IBIS
currently has no solution.


Please note that this is the list I have been targeting for over three
years, and EMD was specifically designed to address all of these


The first question IBIS has to answer is:


1.       Does IBIS want to create standards for IC Vendors to deliver
interconnect models that satisfy any, some or all of the requirements
listed in rows 2 through 14 of the enclosed spreadsheet? (And is this list

a.       The intent here is that in a Post Layout data base, an instance
of a "Component" on a PCB is all that is required for an EDA tool to
generate a high level SPICE deck including the I/O and PDN interconnect
models between the pins of the component and the I/O [Model]s in the

b.      The "Component" referenced above can be a simple package with a
single die represented as a IBIS Component (.ibs file), a Board (e.g. .ebd
file), an MCM (e.g. .emd file), or a connector (e.g. .emd file).



If the answer is yes to any of these requirements, the next questions is:


2.       Is it sufficient to satisfy the requirements identified in
question 1. with EMD, without enhancing IBIS Component?


If the answer to this question is No, then:


3.       Which of the requirements identified in question 2. shall be
addressed by enhancing IBIS Component?


Once these questions are answered, then we can discuss the details
outlined in the rest of the spreadsheet.




Walter Katz


Phone 303.449-2308

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