[ibis-macro] FEC Support in AMI Models of SerDes

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I have an issue that IBIS AMI models will need to resolve with the next 
generation of data rates at around 25-28Gb/s and perhaps you can help me to 
find the correct forum for this to be discussed.

The issue is that for 25G Ethernet and 28G Fibre-Channel the FEC will become 
mandatory. Now this is a PCS layer function that I is not in the current AMI 
models but without it we do not know the correct BER of the link. There are 
various non-accurate rules of thumb that the standards bodies are using, but it 
is possible to model this and some vendors do so on their own platforms. We 
would like to be able to simulate different vendors working together and keep 
IBIS-AMI as the industry standard way of doing this, but it is not possible 
with FEC at the moment.

Perhaps you could help start this discussion if it has not already been 


Andy Joy

Q-Logic SI Fellow

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Subject: [ibis-macro] Tuesday Package Presentation


Happy New year to everyone!

I am enclosing the latest IBIS-ISS Package Status presentation. I plan on 
giving this presentation at the IBIS Summit on January 31.

Slides 17, 18 and 19 are new, and document how the proposed syntax can be 
easily extended to have Ports refer to Input, Output or I/O model types. I also 
added a decision (1.4) for this on slide 23.

In addition, I added decision 1.6:
Corner? Typ/Slow/Fast Typ/LessXtalk/MoreXtalk
Traditionally, IBIS has Typ, Min, Max values. This can mean either typical, 
smallest, largest, but can also take on the meaning of typical, slow/weak, 
fast/strong. For package models, a common meaning of corner would be Typ, Slow, 
Fast. This order is compatible with typical, slow/weak, fast/strong. 
Alternatively, one could have the meaning for delay, with the min delay being 
fastest and the max delay being slowest, thus Typ, Fast, Slow. To complicate 
things more, one could have corners for crosstalk.

In any case, we will need to carefully define what we mean by corner, and might 
want to use other keywords then "Corner", such as "Delay_Corner" and 

I hope we can resolve some of the "Decisions that are still unresolved" before 
the IBIS Summit, so we can focus on some decisions that I think need a wider 
audience then IBIS-ATM.


Walter Katz
Phone 303.449-2308
Mobile 303.335-6156


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