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Just a little correction.  We decided that the
adder, multiplier and divider will have two
input pairs, not 1-3 as you wrote it in the 
minutes.  Also, I don't remember hearing that
the adder should scale the second port.  I
implemented it as:


Do we really want:

             A + Scale * B

as stated in the minutes?




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meeting date: 30 aug 2005
attending: Arpad Muranyi, Todd Westerhoff, Ian Dodd, Bob Ross, Barry
           Ken Willis, Sam Chitwood, Mike LaBonte
AR: Ian to continue researching receiver architectures and come up with
a generic template
- Verbally sketched out, details TBD
AR: Arpad to post a note to the reflector to continue this discussion
- Done, but not much discussion.
AR: Todd/Mike to propose paper for IBIS Summit and develop presentation


Passing parameters:
- Ian: Arpad not using AMS the way it was intended.
  - Something about steam engines...
  - Parameters are for initialization only, ports are for runtime.
- Arpad: Voltage on a port can be converted to resistance value ...
- Todd: do we want ports to declare types like 'resistance'?
  - No, all ports will be 'electrical'

Latest library from Arpad:
- C is charge conserving; changing C changes V
- L is flux conserving; changing L changes I
- If we want PWL VCVS, etc. we need to clone a template for each
  - Table data can be pasted directly into the clone instead of using an
    external file.
- Should we have add and multiply modules? yes
  - How many inputs?
  - Use port arrays?
    - No, implement 1-3 inputs, fixed
  - Use Scale param for both, can't be changed on the fly.
    - Adder only scales 2nd port
    - multiply multiplies and scales both
- Divider? yes
- Polynomial module? may be more complicated than we need
  - Could have coefficient and exponent params to make it replace adder,
    multiplier, and divider. Nah.
- Philosophy is to have simple module, even if we end up with more of
- Ideal T-line? yes
  - delay param or length and Tpd? delay
- s-param?
  - make it a future enhancement
  - AMS languages don't have it
- IBIS buffers
  - series models?
    - AMS multi-dimensional table could implement series mosfet
    - AMS interpolates, can other simulators

Any other modules needed?
- triggerable input?
  - PWL has it
  - May not be supported by all simulators
  - We'll put it off for now
- We should add new ones only as they are needed for new templates
  - Can Cadence contribute more templates?
- Need a website for people to share modules
- Need to version number library files

Arpad needs help annotating the modules
AR: Mike will annotate one module, get comments, do the rest

AR: Todd and Mike start presentation

AR: Ken find out if cadence can contribute another template

Next meeting: Tuesday September 6, 2005.
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