[ibis-macro] Another macro library release

  • From: "Muranyi, Arpad" <arpad.muranyi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ibis-macro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 17:28:39 -0800

Hello everyone,

Here is today's (this week's) release of the library in the
usual format.  The attachments are zip files, please rename
them accordingly.  One file contains the usual Verilog-A(MS)
library with the HSPICE test circuits, the other file contains
the VHDL-A(MS) library with the complete set of SystemVision
test benches.  (I hope the SystemVision files are all working,
because I had a pretty bad crash, and I had to restore a lot
of them.  Let me know if you run into any problems).

Contrary to my expectation, this is not a completed VHDL-AMS
library yet, the 8 IBIS buffers are still not done.

This version actually consists of improvements and changes in
the PWL sources.

// IBIS_VCVS_PWL      (p, n, ps, ns);      --- no change (SE)
// IBIS_CCVS_PWL      (p, n, ps, ns);      --- no change (SE)
// IBIS_TCVS_PWL      (p, n);              --- changed to HE
// IBIS_VECVS_PWL     (p, n, ps, ns);      --- more changes
// IBIS_CECVS_PWL     (p, n, ps, ns);      --- more changes
// IBIS_VCCS_PWL      (p, n, ps, ns);      --- no change (SE)
// IBIS_CCCS_PWL      (p, n, ps, ns);      --- no change (SE)
// IBIS_TCCS_PWL      (p, n);              --- changed to HE
// IBIS_VECCS_PWL     (p, n, ps, ns);      --- more changes
// IBIS_CECCS_PWL     (p, n, ps, ns);      --- more changes

The comments on the right of this table tells you in a nutshell
what happened.  Based on the responses to my questions I left
the voltage and current related PWL sources alone because they
were already doing the slope extrapolation (SE).  The non triggered
time dependent PWL sources were changed so that they now do
horizontal extrapolation (HE).

In addition to making them do HE, the event triggered PWL sources
now have two tables, one for each triggering edge, with independent
threshold parameters, and I removed the "Edge" parameter, because
in this configuration it is not needed.  These sources will do the

In the operating point calculation phase they will check for the
level of the input, and decide whether the output should be the
first point of one or the other table.  If the input is between
the high and low thresholds (if they are different), the output
will be the average of the first points of the two tables.
After the DC operating point calculations every time an edge
comes in, they will start running the corresponding table. 
If the table runs out before the next event occurs, the last
point of the table will be held until the trigger event arrives.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments.



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