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I disagree with you that "(AMI_Flows_6) had everything that was needed",
and your drawing in the attached PDF file is incorrect the same way:

If we put any equations in the boxes, than we should enumerate all
possibilities.  The left side of your drawing, for example, does
not show the equations for the Init functions not returning a
modified impulse response (Init_Returns_Impuse = False).

We cannot make a drawing mentioning only some of the possibilities
because that leads to guesswork by the readers of the spec, and
leads to different interpretations, such as we are experiencing
in our ATM teleconference discussions on this topic right now.  I
couldn't have imagined some of the interpretations I heard when
we started talking about the Truth table...

I would prefer to write every single equation into the flow to be
unambiguous, but in the last meeting it was requested that I should
make a flow diagram without equations, and that's what I distributed
in the last email.

I am not sure what you are asking me with this message now.  If you
are asking me to keep the statistical and TD flow diagrams separate,
I already said it in the meeting that once I am done with the "all in
one" page I will make duplicates of it and separate the various subsets
out.  If you are asking me to put the equations back into the boxes,
then we need to decide COLLECTIVELY whether that is what everyone
wants, and in that case I would very strongly suggest to enumerate all
possible combinations, not just the ones we feel like mentioning.



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Hi Arpad, 
I still believe that the flow chart you sent out on 04/20/2010
(AMI_Flows_6) had everything that was needed when the stateye type flow
was separated out from the time domain flow. I have attached the same
pdf I sent couple of weeks ago that demonstrates that.
All we need to do to fix the spec is to acknowledge the TX Getwave input
is digital, change the order related to that and (maybe) clarify how the
Stateye type flow works.



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Subject: [ibis-macro] AMI flow diagram - DONE!

Based on today's ATM teleconference, here is
the AMI flow diagram.  Comments are welcome,
but I take it that this is what you all wanted.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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