[ibis-interconn] Re: IBIS-ISS draft rev. 0.7

  • From: Taranjit Kukal <kukal@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Mirmak, Michael" <michael.mirmak@xxxxxxxxx>, IBIS-Interconnect <ibis-interconn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 15:31:00 +0530

Hi Michael,
I am a little entry into ISS discussion. I had some minor comments:

1.       Syntax for passing expression to a value shows up as follows
R1   3    4 R='expression'

Instead it should be
 R1   3    4  VALUE='expression'

We have already specified R as spice designator so the value expression should 
need R again

///ly C1 3   4 VALUE='expression'

2.       The document states (page8) that ISS does not include support for 
Indep sources; but we do need Vdc 3   4  0 kind of sources to short two points

3.       We would also need expressions like
          R3         3    4  VALUE = 'I(VDC)'

4.       Would keywords like TEMPER, TIME, FREQ be allowed in expressions for 
values or .params?

5.       Are we allowed to have subcircuits with same name but nested in other 
top level subcircuits (scoped subcircuits)?


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Enclosed please find the IBIS-ISS draft rev. 0.7 for your review.  Markup and 
"clean" copies have been provided.

These and previous copies are posted as well at 
http://www.eda.org/ibis/ibis-iss_wip/ and cross-posted to the Interconnect Task 
Group pages.

-          MM

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