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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

9 AM US Pacific Time


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- Attendees

- Call for patents

- Review of Minutes

  * March 16, 2011

- Opens

- IBIS-ISS Comments Review (continued)

- Agenda for Next Meeting

- Approve Next Meeting Dates:

  * March 30 

  * April 6






(* denotes present)

Agilent                    - Radek Biernacki*

Ansoft                     - Denis Soldo

Cadence Design Systems     - Terry Jernberg, Brad Griffin, Dennis Nagle*,
Taranjit Kukal

Cisco Systems              - Mike LaBonte

IBM                        - Greg Edlund

ICT-Lanto                  - Steven Wong

Intel                      - Michael Mirmak*

Mentor Graphics Corp.      - John Angulo*, Arpad Muranyi*

Micron Technology          - Justin Butterfield*, Randy Wolff*

Sigrity                    - Brad Brim

SiSoft                     - Walter Katz*

Teraspeed Consulting Group - Bob Ross*




No patents were declared.


During opens, Michael Mirmak mentioned that representatives of the Compact
Modeling Council (CMC) had received the IBIS-ISS specification and were
reviewing it.  They have a separate language proposal for a generic SPICE,
though they will be willing to point to IBIS-ISS as an independent format.
Bob Ross suggested that IBIS continue pursuing IBIS-ISS as-is, rather than
attempt to incorporate elements of the CMC proposal.  The approval schedule
for CMC's language is not known.


Michael Mirmak presented the comments received from several reviewers on the
IBIS-ISS draft submitted to the IBIS Open Forum.  In response to an Intel
engineering comment, Bob and Walter Katz both agreed that IF/ENDIF not be
supported.  Arpad noted that the ternary operator is supported by IBIS-ISS,
which will evaluate to true or false similar to IF/ENDIF.  Walter asked
whether this should be removed.  Arpad suggested that ternary operators be
left alone, but not extended to IF/ENDIF.


Also in response to an Intel engineering comment, Walter noted that single
and double quotes are often changed to extended ASCII characters by modern
editors.  The specification document itself should be scrubbed to use only
"keyboard ASCII" characters and, if possible, the specification should
specifically mention which ASCII characters are prohibited.


In response to the final Intel comment, further research is needed to
distinguish pre-defined analysis functions from user-defined functions.  In
addition, the "=" sign may involve quotation marks not noted in the
specification.  A rule appears to be missing regarding the phrase "two deep"
in the document.


As part of his comments, Radek Biernacki pointed out that Table 3 rules are
not universally applied in the document.  In particular, the phrase
"alphanumeric" is used in reference to nodes, etc., where characters aside
from alphanumeric ones are permitted.  Section 4.2 should be edited, in the
parenthetical note, that "combination" should be "ended by a
line-termination sequence."


A spreadsheet for tracking comments has been produced and distributed.  The
next few meetings will be devoted to disposition of the comments.


AR: Michael Mirmak to update spreadsheet to include Radek Biernacki's
additional comments - DONE



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