[ibis-editorial] Re: Revision 0.140 of draft reformatted IBIS 5.1

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Here are some partial review comments as a start,

but I have several more to consider.




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Per our discussions in today's meeting, please find rev. 0.140 of the draft
reformatted IBIS 5.1 document (the Word document is being posted to the


Major changes include:

-          Examples now all use 0/0 paragraph spacing

-          All Table cross-references fixed

-          Introductory text on added to Section 6C

-          Bob's Section 10A, Rev. Z rules have been enforced

-          Model Specific Parameter restrictions have been removed

-          Bob's list of language variations were used to make terminology

-          Jitter Reserved Parameters in Section 10A have "table" properly
explained for units, per today's e-mail thread

-          Numerical values have been added to the examples


This does not yet include Walter's "node" changes; these will be integrated


Comments are welcome.


-          MM



The paragraph spacing still need to be adjusted throughout
and made more compact with the standard IBIS sections.

p. 13 - I would indent the list of comment characters
(like in Section 3, items 3) or 8) on page 5.

p. 63  [Ramp] the dv/dt in the equation should be dV/dt
as in the orignal 5.0 spec and as related to the
Sub-Params: definition.

p. 85  - on the tree diagram, some ... lines are missing
compared to the V5.0.

p. 120 - on the tree diagram, some ... lines are missing
compared to the V5.0.

p. 166 - line feed before <value>:
p. 172 - extern  : line up with left margin

Section 10A

All courier examples - single line feeds 

p. 173

Prefer the paramter definition file organization to be single-space courier

Missing ... above (Reserved Parameter text 

p. 174

Model-Specific --> Model_Specific

(parameter name   --> (parameter_name

p. 176
Type <data_typ>  (another 1/2 or 1 line feed above)

p. 177
Where Format  ... Required where Format ...

p. 180
for Gaussian, Dual-dirac, remove "Model_SpecifiC".  That is too-specific
and the rule would be the same for if it would be for Reserved_Parameters
in the future. 

p. 195
General Rules and Notes.

I would move some rules back into the Parameter Definition File organization
since that is where the reference is most visible.

On Note:, Note 2) belong in Section 10.  Note 1) belongs in the beginning
of Section 10A and maybe in Section 10 since it defines notational conventions.

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