[ibis-editorial] Re: IBIS ver. 5.1, Final Draft 2 for review

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Looks very good.


Using the *final-draft-2-prov.pdf for page number references:


pg 77.  Need line space starting with '|'

above [GND Pulse Table]



pg. 122 - partial tree diagram needs to be redone

(Note, the partial tree on page 86 looks good.)


pg. 158   i.e.  needs a comma  'i.e.,'.

check all cases of i.e. and e.g. in document.



pg 174: Notes should be Note.


pg 176. Prefer heading


Type <data_type> or Type <type1> <type2> ...


and the text


Required where <data_type> must be substituted by one of the

entries listed below.  For {Format} Table, a separate <type1>

<type2> ... are permitted for each column as documented

later, but the Tab Type is not permitted.


pg. 183  AMI_Version 


   Default <string_literal>


   Description    <string>


       consistent with pg. 181 - all occurrences of 

       Description <string_literal> should be 

       Description <string> throughout and since

         this string is not passed to the executable model

         as a string_literal.




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Please find enclosed, for weekend reading, a provisional Final Draft 2 of
the Version 5.1 IBIS specification document.  This includes fixes for 24 of
the 25 requested changes.  The change list and disposition is also enclosed.
Note that the compression of the Descriptor section was not done, as this
appeared to make the lists nearly unreadable.


We will review this document in our next meeting.  If these changes are
acceptable, this document will be posted for IBIS Open Forum review by Aug.
10, in preparation for the Aug. 24 approval vote.


Comments and suggestions are welcome.


-          MM



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