[ibis-editorial] IBIS Editorial Task Group Dec. 21 Minutes and Jan. 10 Agenda

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Next Meeting
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
9 AM US Pacific Time 

               Telephone     Bridge   Passcode
              916-356-2663     92     748-2862

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- Attendees
- Call for patents
- Review of Minutes
  * December 21, 2011
- Opens
- Timeline for IBIS 5.1 document revisions/review of new document
- Agenda for Next Meeting
- Approve Next Meeting Dates:
  * January 17
  * January 24

(* denotes present)
Agilent                    - Radek Biernacki
Ansoft                     - Denis Soldo
Cadence Design Systems     - Terry Jernberg, Brad Griffin, Dennis Nagle
I/O Methodology            - Lance Wang
Intel                      - Michael Mirmak*
Mentor Graphics Corp.      - John Angulo, Arpad Muranyi*
Micron Technology          - Justin Butterfield, Randy Wolff
SiSoft                     - Walter Katz
Teraspeed Consulting Group - Bob Ross*

No patents were declared.

Michael Mirmak reviewed the status of approved and pending IBIS 5.1 BIRDs 
and a combination ASCII draft of IBIS 5.1.  Three BIRDs are pending for 5.1;

no others are expected.

Arpad Muranyi suggested that everything between "Table" and the following 
text should be indented:

|   Gaussian <mean> <sigma>
|   Dual-Dirac <mean> <mean> <sigma> 
|    Composite of two Gaussian
|   DjRj <minDj> <maxDj> <sigma>
|      Convolve Gaussian (sigma) with uniform Modulation PDF

Gaussian, Dual-Dirac, DjRj should all be at the same level as Table (they're

all formats).

Bob Ross suggested that all changes should be presented in "standard" IBIS 
(ASCII) format first and collected in one document before formatting changes

are made.

Bob also asked whether terms such as "tree", "root", "subtree", "branch", 
and "leaf" are defined.  Michael will check on these, plus whether
terms are used between Section 6x and Section 10.

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