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Tommy in answer to your question regarding the up coming Braille editor
Matts is one of the developers and here is what he said when I posed the
same question.



iBraille is primarily a Braille word-processor for Mac to produce Braille on
Index embossers, but is not necessarily restricted for that purpose.
Any text can be formatted with its powerful formatting features. The text
can be entered either as uncontracted or contracted. Braille can be entered
in the 6-dot key entry mode.
The text can be viewed after translation either with black-text letters or
with Braille. It is also possible to switch back to the source and translate
iBraille is based on paragraph and text formatting styles. iBraille's styles
work much like the styles in Microsoft Word.
All formatting is entered with the Format Designer. The Format Designer is a
dialog with five tags: Source Page Layout, Braille Page Layout, Typographic,
Braille Translation, and Document Options.
Settings on the Typographic tag affect the text layout on the selected
characters, a whole paragraph, or all paragraphs tagged with the selected
Settings on the Braille Translation tag affect how the text is translated to
contracted Braille.

The Source and Braille Page Layout tags set the margins and header and
footer for the source or Braille pages.
It is possible to translate parts of a paragraph or sentence differently.
One can for example produce an English-French dictionary with a table, where
text in one column is translated with English rules and another column with
French rules.



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