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Since I am working for an EDA software company, I am not sure if my
answers apply, but here they are.

1) I am captive, although I may as well be contract since the only
benefit I get is vacation.

2) Business is slow, but steady. There is a lot of interest, but real
results thin out quickly.

3) In the EDA software business, my greatest need would be more
customers. As a designer, my greatest need would be to acquire a decent
paying design position with benefits.

Tom Dlouhy, C.I.D.

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Congratulations everyone for joining the list. We're at 5 users now!
Thanks to Tom for passing the word along. Thought I would ask a few
questions of everyone:
1) are you captive or contract?
2) How is business?
3) what are your greatest needs?

If you have any other issues that you feel the members can help resolve,
feel free to post.

Clyde Sprowl
C&B PWB Design Services, Inc.
Phone 260.355.0590
Fax 603.258.5520

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