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Oops, I did a search of the archives, and found this
and there is one other mention on
http://linuxformat.com bulletin board, of the fix for
all sound lags in all Linux games, plus the weird
thing about trying to access a cd.  UT2003 tries to
find the media in the CDROM drive, because it puts a
script in /etc/fstab to do so... quote:
Hi, I got the game in the states, as I live there.
Anyway the game runs fine and is on the 3rd cd. It
does do some wierd things with the cdrom drive but I
was able to get the install process to work fine after
I turned off supermount that's on by default on my
distro mandrake. After turning supermount off and
manually mounting and unmounting, it works fine. Also
In the linux version, doesn't need the cd in the drive
to play. Don't know about the windows version. The
only problem I have now is trying to install the
updates to the game. Keeps giving me errors when I try
to update UT2003. Game runs great on my athlon 1.6ghz+
box w/gforce3 at 800x600. 
Quote from another message:
the full game installer repeatedly tries to mount any
reomvable media defined in the '/etc/fstab'. Also, I
imagine the demo could be tested more thoroughly
because there wasn't a rigid deadline to get it
published, I doubt the publisher would be willing to
hold back the release because of a problem with the
Linux installer (the publisher probably didn't even
know it was there, Epic probably just sneaked it in).
BTW there is more info. on the problem with the UT2K3
installer here. 
delay in sound for games like tux-racer!!!

The answer was given in the readme/FAQ of Unreal
Tournament 2003, which suffers the same problem...
about a second delay in sound (fire gun, watch ammo
shoot out and explode on target, wait a bit... boom!)

Have a file, called .openalrc (with a dot in the
front, so it's hidden) in your ~home (local user)
directory... The file should contain the line...

(define devices '(sdl))

From /usr/local/games/ut2003/README.linux...

The short answer is this:

echo "(define devices '(sdl))" > ~/.openalrc

That will coerce OpenAL to use SDL for audio output,
which will solve 99% of the problems you might be
having. SDL can be directed to use various audio
targets with an environment variable, if it doesn't
magically pick the right one. 
> According to Linux Format magazine (
> http://linuxformat.com )
> Feb. issue, Page 30, the retail boxed set of Unreal
> Tournament 2003
> has the Linux version on the disc!  The box and web
> site have no 
> acknowledgement of any of this!   Anyone have the
> boxed set?
> I would like to know before I purchase it!

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