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  • From: Patrick <pberry26@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 08:06:57 -0800 (PST)

a FEW things:

1) always do an 'updatedb' AFTER you apt-get update/

2) Goto the nVidia website and get the latest 'driver'
files for your card!

3)Knoppix installs Debian 'testing' and everything is
usually on the 'bleeding edge'

4) I have been gathering MP3's with Limewire, on my
Debian box, and find that when the hard drive gets
more than 95% full, because the 'shared folder'
has a lot of songs, albums, that Kmail will crash...
I have several hard drives, and simply move all of the
shared folder items over to free up my /user/shared

5)  About to build a Beowulf in a single box,
consisting of four (4) 433 mainboards, and one 466mhz
mainboard, with one switch hub, somewhat like the
Humidor Beowulf:

although, you can run several virtual Linux instances,
in shells(?) with a kernel patch,  like this: 

--- GreyGeek <Jkreps@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The last two weeks of my life have been a wild,
> exhilarating adventure!
> I was running SUSE Pro 9.0.   For a variety of
> reasons, some of them being 
> peeved at what appeared to be Novel's 'new' license
> policy, which has cleared 
> up and isn't a radical change afterall, I looked at
> the current state of 
> Linux distros.
> I considered Gentoo but Jim, IIRC, concured with my
> estimate that it would 
> take at least a week to install and tweak.   Nope. 
> DItto's for 
> LinuxFromScratch.
> I decided to try the new Knoppix 3.7.    Using
> Lisa's advice it installed 
> beautifully.  I immediately did the
> update,upgrade,autoclean steps and 400MB 
> later Knoppix was 'up to date'.   Apt-get was such a
> pleasure to use I began 
> installing programs with abandon.  I found that
> KPackage was even more so 
> because one could find packages easier than using
> apt-cache.   
> Bibletime, always a paint to install, was no longer.
> Maxima was easy.  MPlayer 
> was easy.  Everything was easy, including the nVidia
> install.  I had 3D for 
> the first time in a year.  Replacing my nVidia card
> last month helped a lot. 

snipped for brevity! ______________________--


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