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On the CSE system, the current directory is included in the path.  In the DOS 
world, the local directory is automatically included, not so in Unix.  The 
path is set for each user when they either log in, or when a shell is opened. 
 If it's when they log in, in Linux there is a script called /etc/profile 
that runs.  In it is a setting for the PATH variable.  That is only writable 
by the superuser, so if a user wants to add stuff to their path, they must 
edit files in their home directory.  If you run bash as your default shell 
(which it is on most distro's), you can edit the .bashrc file in your home 
directory to change the PATH.

So, if you want to give all users in the system the ability to run programs 
in their current directory without the explicet relative path, edit 
/etc/profile and locate the PATH variable setting.  Then add to the end of it


On my system, it looks like this:


There isn't much of a rule for leaving in threads on the email.  It's your 
call, most people cut out stuff that doesn't pertain to what they are talking 
about, or thread their messages right into the older stuff.

On all the Road Runner setups I've done in Lincoln, the only thing I had to 
make sure is that the ethernet setup on the Linux box used DHCP, and had to 
make sure I didn't firewall out the DHCP communication.

On Saturday 28 April 2001 23:54, Martin Fournier wrote:
> Thanks a lot for the tips ./a.out. Do you know why I don't need to punch
> the ./ on cse?
> I feel really stupid because I don't know anything about UNIX except for
> how to create a file, move it around, protect it and delete it. So can you
> tell me what NIC stands for? and where should I look for documentation on
> how to setup a Linux box to work with Road Runner?
> thanks a lot
> Martin Fournier
> P.S. I want to know if there is any special rules I should be aware of
> before sending email. Like Am I supposed to delete the messages that are
> included with my email or should I leave it there so other people can
> follow the conversation?

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