[huskerlug] Re: Mepis vs SuSE

  • From: Jerry Kreps <jkreps@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: huskerlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 20:15:07 -0500

On Thursday 18 August 2005 03:28, Jim Worrest wrote:
> apt-get for SuSE is the Venus Fly trap for Linux users,
> though. You buzz around it, and get some programs you really want, and
> then unexpectedly it snaps you, crushes your set-up.

Apt-get is a Venus Fly trap for Knoppix and Kanotix, too.   IMO, one reason=
why MEPIS is so good is that Synaptic is a VERY stable gui front end to=20
apt-get.    In my own experience is it very easy to blow up Knoppix or=20
Kanotix by using apt-get.  Apt-get can crash in the middle of an install an=
leave your database in an unrepairable situation.   Also, merely install a=
KDE application that was made using KDE libraries older or newer than the=20
version of KDE presently installed and you will see some amazing fireworks!=

 I tried to install a version of BIbletime on Knoppix 3.7 using apt-get.  =
Apt-get told me it needed to replace several files and install 3 or 4 - I=20
don't remember exactly how many any more.  After replacing two or three fil=
it paused on the next and asked if I wanted to replace it.  Nothing else.  =
said yes.   Suddenly it displays a msg saying it was removing 400 files.  I=
watched, afraid to do anything but let it go, as the names of those files=20
flew by.   Then, it said it was going to install 435 files.  Those names fl=
by too.  Then it installed Bibletime.  When it was done I was asked to=20
restart the xserver.
I did, and I was presented with the latest version of KDE (at the time). =20
Everything worked beautifully.   I was impressed.   A couple days later,=20
installing another app, I was asked the same thing.   Why not?  Files flew,=
but when it was all over, the new version of KDE had been replaced by the=20
older version, and I restarted the xserver.   The results were disastrous. =
The installation was trashed and only a complete reinstall would restore a=
working Linux distro. =20

> =A0 =A0 I'm not sure about server side of things, but Mepis works just as
> well, I would say better than SuSE when it comes to the desktop.

 I've been running MEPIS since 3.0 was released and I've used Synaptic doze=
of times with no problems.   The combination of MEPIS, Synaptic and the=20
Debian repositories are an unbeatable combination.

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