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  • From: Tim B <gimk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: huskerlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 13:39:11 -0600

It wasnt Avantix, or Advantix they are something else entirely, but I dont even 
really know what you are talking about. Well have fun at the expo, we're all at 
least a 
little jealous.

1/31/01 7:28:03 AM, Jeremiah Wessels <jwessels@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hello all!  I arrived in NYC ok and checked into my hotel
>around midnight last night.  The city is HUGE!  But, anyways,
>the Linux World conference is equally large.  Like I expected,
>there is free swag everywhere, the only problem is I don't know
>how I'm going to get it all back without having to resort to 
>more baggage than my carry-on baggage.  I'll probably just try to
>put some of the swag in a bag I don't mind losing and use that.
>There are hundreds of vendors and booths here ranging from IBM
>to the small companies that I have never heard of.
>At the feature presentation today was the Penguin Bowl.  They
>had two teams of six and two of the members on each team was from
>the audience. The other members were from the "celebrities" in the
>Linux world, including Linus.  It was hellarious!
>Anyhow, anything you guys want me to check out?  I wanted to find
>that company that had the small palm that I was shown, but I can't
>seem to locate them.  Weren't they called Avantix or something like
>Cya later!
>J.R. Wessels
>via Linux World Expo

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