[human-electrophysiology] Re: Any ideas about summing ERPs?

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Yes, we are looking at the divergence between the 'simultaneous' and 'sum'
ERP, that is correct.

But, what I need to be clear on is how to obtain the 'sum' ERP for the two
unimodal conditions.  I can get a sum wave (of sorts) by just taking my
epochs for Auditory stimulation and Visual stimulation and averaging them
together like that, but I wondered if I did it this way or if I some how add
the Grand Averages together by doing a peak analysis and then re-plotting on
the basis of that.



indicated auditory-visual (AV) neural response interactions.

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So shouldn't the formula be something like:

D = Y - (A + V)

Y = the response to audiovisual stimuli,
A = response to audio only,
V = response to visual only, and
D = the difference between presenting the stimuli together, and the sum of 
presenting them apart

I don't know too much about processing the ERPs, so can't answer the second 
part. It was the equation that threw me, because it seemed to be a circular 


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> AV = (A+V)-AV

T Elliman

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